Technical and Physical Security

Proprietary information and intellectual property is increasingly at risk from industrial espionage. CSI’s technical surveillance counter-measures (TSCM) services are designed to create and maintain a secure environment for an office, residence, vehicle, aircraft, vessel or other facility. Real-time monitoring for sensitive meetings and conferences is also available. CSI also offers solutions to address the physical security of corporate assets by designing, installing, commissioning and monitoring security hardware and systems. Our state-of-the-art knowledge of technical security insures that integrated intrusion detection and access control systems are not only reliable, but satisfy the esthetic and practical needs of the client.

Our Technical Services division offers the latest protection in:

  • Design, installation and commission of custom designed security systems
  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Risk Assessments of current security systems, policies and procedures.
  • Technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM) services.
  • Special Operations - Detection systems and response training for chemical, biological and radiological attacks.

Asset and Physical Security Protection

We conduct security surveys and risk assessments of corporate or other commercial facilities to identify existing weaknesses and recommend appropriate cost effective measures. Our Facilities Assessment Team is a multi-disciplinary team of top security specialist comprised of former Navy SEALs, U.S. Secret Service & FBI agents, Security Engineers, EOD Specialist and Emergency Operations, Health Safety personnel as well as specific subject matter experts. The team has significant experience in conducting risk and vulnerability assessments of government and commercial facilities including major port and airport facilities, utility operations, government installations (military & non-military), corporate facilities and chemical plants. The CSI team has experience in conducting audit assessments to insure your security is in compliance with government regulations, national and international industry standards.